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FAB Defense's large selection of Barrel Safety Rods for 9mm / 5.56x45 / 7.62x39 offer a perfect high visibility safety solution for training and storage.

Instead of a regular chamber flag that is inserted via the ejector port, this rod is pushed into the front of the barrel. It therefore doesn't get in the way of moving parts, so you can still dry fire with a chamber flag in the weapon.

Ideal for dry fire training while signalling to the surroundings weapon is safe.


  • Securely blocks the barrel and chamber, preventing the chambering of a live round
  • Extended length over the flash hider and bright red colored  for enhanced visibility
  • Highly efficient safety toll for accident prevention during dry training

Available models*

Caliber Length Suitable for Weight
7.62x39 19" / 48cm AK-47 20g
5.56x45 20" / 52cm AR Rifle 13g
5.56x45 16.5" / 42cm AR Carbine 11g
5.56x45 13.5" / 34cm AR Commando 9g
9x19 16.5" / 42cm Tavor 21g
9x19 10.5" / 27cm MP5 / UZI 13g
9x19 5" / 12cm Pistol 6g
.22LR 4.5" / 11cm Pistol 2g

* Not all models stocked. Contact us for availability and bulk orders.

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